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Pilates Reformer FAQ

Pilates Reformer Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight using a reformer?

You may not lose pounds by using the reformer alone, but you’re likely to see your body shape change to a leaner physique due to the nature of the Pilates exercises. However, you are burning up calories in your workout, so you can use the reformer as part of a weight-loss regimen along with diet and/or other fat-burning exercises.

How many calories will I burn?

Because the exercises are so varied, and because calorie burn also depends on body type, it’s hard to pinpoint, but researchers estimate that you can burn between 240 and 480 calories per hour.

How often should I use the reformer to see results?

Most users see good results using the reformer three times a week. Due to the variety of exercises, you can’t overdo it, so it’s fine to use the reformer daily for faster results.

Can I use a reformer after an injury or having surgery?

Yes, with the advice of your doctor and under the supervision of a certified Pilates instructor. These machines were originally designed for rehab and are perfect for non-weight-bearing exercise or for accommodating other physical limitations. There are specific exercises that can be used for your situation, so consult your Pilates coach. Used correctly, you’re likely to have a much better outcome than if you stay sedentary.

★ Reviews

Customer Reviews

142 reviews

I go to pilates classes and we use the spring board. I bought one for my house because I thought as I age it would like to do this on my own. I had a professional handy man put it up so that it was "very secure". I watched the video and remember things from class as I use it. HIGHLY RECOMEND. And the wood and look is sleek and beautiful:)

I am very pleased with the quality of the reformer. It took a while to ship but all my inquiries were responded to in a timely manner. It was easy to assemble by myself.
I'm very happy with my purchase.

Excellent quality product.

Well built reformer/tower

I LOVE my Elina reformer/tower. Very sturdy. I did have White Glove service, which helped. My package came with everything (jump board, box). A user manual would be EXTREMELY helpful. I’m always learning and re-learning the equipment. Overall, absolutely a 5 star product.

Best home gym apparatus I've purchased

There is no end to the functionality of the reformer. I am absolutely overjoyed with the quality of this reformer. It's as good as the ones I used to use at Club Pilates. Combined with YouTube videos, I've been able to move my Pilates practice to my home gym. Really easy to unbox and assemble. The purchase process with CASA Pilates was beyond smooth and easy. They're really communicative and responsive. If you want a reformer, this is the company you should work with.